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Calm in the Country

Are you craving some ‘me-time’ away from the hustle and bustle of your life? Join me and my horses in the beautiful countryside for a half-day retreat created especially for you.

Discover Peace and Relaxation

Feel yourself relax as you travel away from the pressures of motherhood and into the peaceful countryside. Experience the therapeutic benefits of spending time outside in the presence of horses. Listen to the silence, breathe in the fresh air, take in the views and feel embraced by mother nature. A few hours just for you to reflect, rebalance and recharge.

What to Expect

Welcome Refreshments

When you arrive at the stables, I will offer you a drink and a snack so that you can ‘land’ from your journey and feel ready to start.


I will guide you through a simple mindfulness practice to help you to ground and connect with the surroundings and yourself.

Meet the horses

In an exercise called ‘meet the herd’ you will spend some time being with and observing the horses. Spending time with horses can offer powerful insights for you to take away and integrate into your life.

Reflective activity

A reflective activity tailored for you and designed to help you to reflect on how you can bring more ease and balance into your life. This may involve using creative materials, objects in the field and the natural environment. 


Find a spot where you feel comfortable to sit quietly and reflect on your experience, jotting down your thoughts, feelings and takeaways from the morning.


To end the morning, we will sit down and eat a light lunch prepared and served by me.

Benefits of attending

Recharge Your Energy: Take a break from your daily responsibilities and return home feeling refreshed.

Reduce Stress: Find ways to reduce stress and feel calm in your everyday life.

Reconnect with Yourself: Spend time focusing on your own well-being and personal growth.

Feel cared about and valued: Feel heard and validated and leave knowing that you matter.


The retreat is 1:1 and will come between two 1 hour Zoom calls.

The first Zoom call is an opportunity for us to connect and for me to hear about you so that I can tailor the morning for you.

The second Zoom call is to check in with you and process anything that may have come up following the retreat and to talk about how things are going with implementing what you learned from the morning.  

No experience of horses is necessary and there will be no riding or horse-handling.

Address: The half day retreat takes place in Rotherfield, near Crowborough, East Sussex. Full address will be given on booking. I am about 5 minutes from Crowborough Train station and about 15 minutes from Tunbridge Wells and Wadhurst train stations by taxi.

Time: The morning will last for three hours. Start between 10am and 11am which we will confirm on booking taking into account your travel arrangements.

Price: £320

To Book: Please email me: or fill out the contact form on my website.









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